Satisfied customers are the most important aim of our quality policy. In order to put this into practice, we continually define and improve the quality of our transportation and logistics services. Furthermore, we are also open to the suggestions and criticism of our logistics customers.

As a freight forwarding company it is our job to offer and perform optimal, customised freight forwarding and logistics services to and for our customers.

"If we don’t constantly try to improve, we won’t stay good." (Gottfried Keller)

 quality policy

We see it as our forwarding mission to offer and carry out optimal forwarding and logistics services tailored to our customers.

The principle of our quality policy is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We implement this principle by constantly improving the quality of our services. We define these on the basis of transparent and verifiable criteria from which we derive the quality objectives.

In order to guarantee the fulfilment of the quality objectives, all activities relevant to quality and safety, from management to purchasing, sales, the specialist departments, warehousing and the transport company, are continuously planned, controlled and monitored. We monitor the realisation of the quality objectives at regular intervals, using the quantifiable criteria on which they are based.

Each of our employees contributes to the realisation of the quality goals with his or her qualification, personal performance, commitment and entrepreneurial thinking. Our employees work constructively to avoid errors, to identify possible sources of error and to eliminate them permanently. Our QM system is constantly improved by the suggestions of all employees.

Our quality policy is a commitment for all of us; it is discussed regularly and reviewed annually for its appropriateness.

We define the quality of our freight forwarding services based on an integrated quality and environmental management system. Since 1994 all of our freight forwarding services have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

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